Thursday, April 7, 2011

Life Goes On

Despite the extra chemo, despite the steroid blues, life goes on. Witness this treasure of a moment to which any kid or parent can relate:

Maggie lost her first tooth. Do you remember how scary and awesome this was for you?

Our little prayer today: Your presence in our lives helps us to appreciate the scary, awesome day to day. Count us among your grateful ones.


Jackie said...

That's a Keeper for the Tooth Fairy, for sure. Congratulations, Mags!

James said...

When we asked her where she would leave this for the TF, she said, "Maybe on the window sill. Maybe under my pillow. I haven't decided."

It was all we could do not to say that the tooth fairy hates indecisiveness, so lets decide, OK?

I think there will be a bit of hunting tonight.