Saturday, July 16, 2011

Not Home Yet

I am a bit superstitious about premature celebration. This comes from years of frustrating and sometimes dangerous things happening between the time someone says, "Well this has been a great sail..." and when we were safely tied to the dock. When Kate left yesterday I sent her home with a bunch of our accumulated gear, including all of my clean socks.

I mention this detail, because I am without socks and Maggie has developed another fever. No one has said, but I know what this means on the most mundane level: delayed discharge from the hospital. Her ANC is down below 500 again and so she is pretty much wide open.

One of the downsides of communicating with you as we do is that when things don't follow a typical narrative arc, we risk losing some of you to boredom with our trials. For this I am truly sorry. We are learning a great deal in this process: Prayer works. Disease is relentless and boring. Love is boundless. Suffering is redemptive. Kids can be funny and charming even when they feel terrible. Socks are important.

Hang tough. We're still here and hope you are too.

My little prayer today: Sometimes I can see the way ahead. When I cannot, I depend on You to lead us through. Sometimes even though You have done so 10,000 times before, I struggle with trust. Forgive me this. Give us encouragement to keep moving forward.


Martha E. said...

I was so hoping she would get to come home! God bless Maggie and all of the Conklins!

Anonymous said...

This is a road block that will soon pass. I check this blog multiple times a day. I actually have Mighty Maggie as a quick link for me. With one click, I see how Maggie is doing. I will not grow bored or waiver in my prayer for her and your family. Thank-you for sharing your journey with us. Please continue to do so.

Elizabeth said...

BORED?? There is no way on earth I could ever get bored. I love to read this blog and see how ALL of you are doing. It helps me know what to pray for minute by minute. In fact, I will be donating adult socks to the Ronald McDonald house ASAP. (next time pack some sandals!) Remember you wanted to document this trial for her to look back on. She (as well as you) will be grateful for all you do write. Your love, strength and faith in God shine brightly.

Mike and Jenn Zoll said...

Prayers always constant on our end, for Maggie and all of you!

Tiffany said...

We learned about your sweet Maggie from Danette W. We are sending urgent prayers for healing. And for socks.
I so admire your (and of course Maggie's) bravery, and smiles during tough times. We can learn a lot from our little ones.
The Hickok-Jefferson Family
Lafayette, Ca

Anonymous said...

I could never get bored. I look forward to reading your post. I am praying and rooting for Maggie so much. I can't wait until I hear that she is home and out and about playing like a little girl should be.

I agree ... socks are important !