Monday, December 27, 2010

Mystery Jar **UPDATE**

We woke up Christmas morning to find this on our doorstep. It’s a mason jar with cash in it. The money is in mixed bills and change. We haven’t counted it yet. There are no identifying marks.

We have no idea where it came from. The older kids had some ideas. Our 11 year old son believes it came from one of our neighbors. In an act of charming localism, he guessed our next door neighbor. Our 14 year old figured it was someone else in town that had heard about Maggie’s cancer and knowing how expensive treatment is, offered some of their savings. Someone suggested a club or small church.

A few details might help. The bills were stacked, folded in half and put into the jar neatly. This was neither a haphazard savings nor an impulsive act. The Mason jar seems important: they didn’t cut a check or trade up to bigger bills. What they had they counted and gave to us.

One thing I am sure of: the fact that it was an anonymous offering is very important. It means to me not so much that one person or one group of people is merciful and generous. Since we can’t be sure to whom we should be thankful and since we must be thankful by our God given nature, we are thankful to everyone. The mystery jar means the world is more merciful and generous.

Do you have any creative theories where this might have come from?

**UPDATE**: I think we might have found a clue.


Peg said...

I think it came from a person open to being obedient to the Lord's nudging. I love people like that. God is good all the time.

Anonymous said...

It came from someone who may also have gone through a situation and is paying it forward.
An angel with a huge heart who wants no personal gratitude or thanks, just to be able to help in some small way. May be anyone, but be assured they know how grateful Mighty Maggie is a fighter and want to help her fight this way
God Bless them for this generous act.

Ted M said...

Doorstep gift? St Nicholas of course....three weeks late, just as I like it.

We're thinking of you guys.