Saturday, January 8, 2011

Birthday Wishes

In the beginning, Veronica wasn't too sure about Maggie.  As much as we touted the benefits of having a sister (a lifelong best friend, a dress-up buddy, someone with whom to play dolls, a pink-loving pal), when Maggie arrived she was not quite interactive enough for Veronica's taste - in our enthusiasm, we apparently forgot to mention that it would be a little while before Maggie was ready for make-believe.  To make matters worse, not only had Maggie usurped her position as our family's baby, she also had the nerve to be born on Veronica's birthday!

(The girls were both born on New Year's Day, four years and one minute apart.  Veronica was born 01/01/01 at 12:04 a.m., and Maggie 01/01/05 at 12:05 a.m.)

Fortunately, it didn't take too long for Veronica to warm to her new sibling.  A couple of weeks after Maggie's birth, my mom came to visit.  As soon as she walked through the door, Veronica dragged her to where Maggie was snoozing in her bouncy seat and proudly announced, "We call it (dramatic pause) Maggie!"

Even before Maggie could walk, Veronica found in her the playmate we had promised.  She was quickly indoctrinated in all things feminine.

Sometimes against her will.

While they have the occasional spat, saccharine as it sounds, they really are best friends.  They like to think of themselves as twins.

This past Saturday, we celebrated Veronica's tenth birthday and Maggie's sixth at their grandparents' house.  On the drive home, Veronica asked with some urgency, "Is it true that your birthday wish won't come true if you tell it to someone else?  Because Maggie and I told each other."

She is a child with a wild and vast imagination.  In the past, her Christmas and birthday lists have included such things as a pink wig, an ice skating outfit (she doesn't skate), and a functional quidditch broomstick.  Delightedly anticipating her latest whim, we asked about her heart's desire.

"I wished for Maggie's leukemia to be cured."

Sweet, beautiful girl.

"And I wished for ice cream cake," disclosed Maggie.

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Me said...

pass the tissue box please! What an amazing, beautiful love they share for one another. Loved the photos too, especialy the one with them in braids :) I pray that Veronica's wish is granted.