Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Maggie just finished the last of her Mercaptopurine series, the oral chemotherapy we have been carefully administering here at home. The stuff is so poisonous that Kate wasn't able to safely administer it as she's currently breast feeding. Maggie had to learn how to take a regular tablet. There were a few tears, but we learned how to get it done. It was a small mountain that Mags and I climbed together. Consolidation is over and Interim Maintenance has begun.

When I told her this was the last pill, she cried. I asked her and found she was going to miss taking the pills.


After talking to her about it, the best I can figure is that each passage from one period to the next is both a triumph and signal that a new, perhaps more challenging period begins. These were tears of relief, of pride and of trepidation. That's a lot of complex emotion for a freshly minted six year old.

My prayer today: Help us to accept transitions eyes wide open and with grace. Help us to see Your will and the path You have set for us. You walk with us. You love us. We trust. Amen.

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Jackie said...

Way to jump the hurdles, Maggie!